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TOTO Washlet: A clean and consistent feel that lasts a lifetime!

Did you know the average person spends more than a cumulative three years sitting on a toilet during their lifetime? That’s 26,280 hours of your life. Now, you are probably thinking of ways to get some of that time back, but at the core of it, it’s your time to either wind up for a big day or unwind, and be relaxed.

Although people have different names for it — port-a-john, porcelain, etc — toilets are a commonality amongst us and are more intertwined in our lives than you may think. Regardless of age, TOTO’s toilet experience should be designed to make you feel clean, confident, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever challenge comes your way. Your bathroom technology should always perform in all the ways you need it to, and the TOTO WASHLET bidet seats emphasize this. More than 50 million people worldwide adopted this innovative technology to enhance their personal cleanliness and provide the ultimate comfort in their bathroom.

The TOTO Aquia IV Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.28 and 0.9 GPF Toilet with the C5 Bidet Seat


Humans have a long history of personal cleansing with water. The bidet has been around since the 17th century, and TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seat was introduced in 1980. The TOTO WASHLET is a sophisticated,, elegant, electronic bidet seat easily installed on your existing toilet. is an integrated bidet seat and toilet combination, the best of both worlds! With cleanliness and comfort as customers top priorities, TOTO’s WASHLET and WASHLET+ are steeped in innovative technological advancements that will upgrade your hygiene routine incredibly. An example of this, the water is warmed instantly, on-demand, so there’s a need never to worry about running out. With customizable wand positioning and water temperature, you will feel more renewed and definitely more confident about your personal cleanliness than you ever imagined!

Although TOTO announced that it had sold over 50 million WASHLET bidet seats globally in 2019, many Canadians are still not well-versed in the immense benefits of a bidet. The toilet paper shortage at the height of the COVID pandemic helped increase bidet seat awareness, however there is still a long ways to go. Today, the number of WASHLET users is increasing as more Canadians become aware of the immense advantages of owning a bidet seat — improved hygiene and eco-friendliness are just two of the primary benefits, however the list is lengthy. You will see why TOTO’S WASHLET bidet seat line will quickly become a permanent fixture in your personal cleanliness routine throughout your life.

In our day to day lives, we encounter plenty of products that promise the best benefits for you and your family members. But how often do these promises come to fruition? For over 100 years, TOTO has engineered bathroom products that respect the environment while meeting people’s needs for cleanliness and comfort. Yes, that can still happen in todays world! The WASHLET bidet seat’s energy saver function is a simple but telling example of TOTO’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Moreover, TOTO’S WASHLET and WASHLET+ are designed to serve the needs of people — from kids to elders.


The people-first technological innovations of TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seat and WASHLET+ integrated toilet and bidet seat models are one of the many reasons TOTO is so well established as a leader in high-quality plumbing products for people in all stages of their life cycle. As the world’s largest plumbing manufacturer, TOTO’s contemporary approach to bidet products introduces a new era of bathroom discourse as people are attracted to the soul of the product. Moreover, TOTO’s commitment to SUSTAINABILITY is represented in each of the TOTO products available. At only 1.28 or 1.0 gallons of water per flush, TOTO’s EPA WATERSENSE PARTNERSHIP and CALGREEN COMPLIANCE further illuminate our toilets as the water-efficient answer Americans seek. To be environmentally conscious now is to care about the planet’s future for yourself and those who will inhabit it after you. So, are you ready to make a difference and switch to a WASHLET BIDET SEAT or an integrated WASHLET+ model?

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